MSIG invests in employee welfare
MSIG Asia with CEO Alan Wilson invites employees across Asia To build resilience & mental readiness
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  • MSIG Asia with CEO Alan Wilson invites employees across Asia To build resilience & mental readiness

    SINGAPORE - BERITATIME.COM - As part of its ongoing internal engagement efforts for the well-being of its employees, MSIG Asia invited its 4,700 employees across the region to take time off yesterday while most are still working from home, to hear from..motivational international. bestselling speaker and author, Chris Bertish, at his regional town hall on the theme "Readiness, Resilience, Responsibility." .15 October 2021

    .speaking virtually via Teams Live Event, Bertish shared his personal story about resilience, and the importance of being mentally prepared in the face of challenges, even life-threatening times. he urged MSIG employees at the end of his presentation: "If we build readiness, resilience, and we build it into a goal bigger than ourselves to be able to give back to help others and take care of ourselves, our clients and nature, we can overcome any obstacle, any challenge. reach.anything, even the seemingly impossible." in a fireside chat with CEO Alan Wilson, they talked about the fundamental importance of trust to MSIG because as a general insurance company in the risk mitigation business, at the heart of what MSIG sells is promisethat when something bad happens the company will help them out.outside
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    .unfashionable taking one of the most voted questions off the floor about how Bertish got through his 93 days on his expedition across the Atlantic Ocean without a phone and connection to the outside world, Bertish responded by admitting he had no time to spareto feel lonely when he is preoccupied with challenges such as navigation, leaks, rowing for more than 15 hours a day, weather, and even sharks.
    .City hall received very positive feedback from employees and directors from across the region.

    .."Chris' advice on building trust, resilience and reducing risk applies especially to our industry. ...getting everyone to share the same goals is great advice for MSIG Asia as we embark on ambitious goals for the decade!" -- Ajit Nair, Board Director, MS First.Capital"Very good session, and I found it very inspiring!" -- Dato' Mohd Sallehuddin Din Othman, Chairman, MSIG Malaysia

    "Chris' sharing about resilience and the power of teamwork is very relevant during this time." -- Amanda Lim, Human Resources Manager, MSIG Asia

    ."It is true that we must take care of ourselves first and foremost in the face of challenges. ..when we take care of ourselves, we can then give back to those around us. . this is the essence of mental health and I totally agree with Chris!" -- Eric Peter, Head of Internal Audit, MSIG Asia

    "I am delighted to be attending this inspiring session!" -- Anindeta Dewi, Senior Manager, Claims, MSIG Asia

    .Since the pandemic outbreak began in 2020, MSIG Asia, recognizing the need to invest in caring for the welfare of its employees, has increased engagement activities through virtual platforms. .in addition to yesterday's inspiring lecture by Bertish and the latest educational webinar on.biodiversity which is a sustainability focus for MSIG, there are also online quizzes and virtual activities such as craft workshops with employees' families, practice sessions, health talks and festive activities.such as for Christmas, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day.Singapore and more.More on Chris BertishBertish is a Guinness World Record holder for being the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a standing paddleboard. .he was named one of the "Top 100 Genius Icons" by the Global Genius 100, and a "Leader of Innovation and Creativity" by the Einstein Institute in 2018. .he enjoys traveling the world to inspire others with his stories of courage, determination, and resilience in overcoming .insurmountable obstacles to achieving seemingly impossible goals and dreams, while raising awareness to challenge marine conservation and climate change issues globally.
    .About MSIG Asia Pte Ltd (“MSIG Asia”)

    MSIG, a member of the MS&AD Insurance Group, is Asia's leading general insurance brand with a presence in 46 countries globally. .the group ranks among the world's top 10 non-life insurance groups by gross income. .it is Japan's number one insurance company with an A+ Stable credit rating. .with more than 40,000 employees worldwide, MSIG is represented in all ASEAN markets as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Korea, India and Taiwan. .located in Singapore, MSIG Asia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited.(.btc).

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